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Untitled (1994)

3.165,00  (VAT included)

Author: Tô Bich Hai

Art Style: Pencil lead on Silk paper
Dimensions: 65x100cm 25.6×39.4in
Reference: TB002

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Work on the imprint (since 1989)

Look at the wall of a building, or the stones that support churches and cathedrals. If out of curiosity, one lingers there, and takes the time to observe, one notices, from this well-squared stone, the tool marks of a worker from a bygone era.

Conscientious of his work, from a raw stone, he offers us a flat surface, a mirror ready to receive.

Over time, centuries, other passersby leave their mark, their scratches. Some whisper their secret loves to the stone, Others shout their passion and despair or, slash the stone with knife strokes to express their anger. Some people wander through arabesques,, just to leave a moment of their life there.

But beyond these traces of soul, what lies behind this face full of scratches? What is the original imprint, since the dawn of time, since the creation of its matter? Who inhabited or still inhabits it?

To capture its imprint, and try to listen and see, one can apply a veil of tissue paper on this stone, and have it embraced through rubbings, as if it were skin.

And if one manages to forget oneself, to surrender, and become the stone, it reveals gradually itself, revealing a weave.

From this weaving of signs, of traces, elaborated over millions of years, it is up to each one to guess, to seek the key, to find the thread that will lead them to the end of the mirror, to the other side of the shore, in order to embroider their own hidden world there.

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