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Christine Galvez

Christine Galvez

Artworks By Christine Galvez

Christine Galvez, both artist and artisan, skillfully captures the fleeting beauty of nature with metal from her Brooklyn studio, conjuring a whimsical world filled with creatures, myths, and nostalgia. Her transformative touch brings cold metal to life, resulting in pieces that intrigue, warm, and encapsulate moments, images, and stories.

Her artistic journey began in her father’s South of France workshop, where a spark of inspiration ignited her path. Exploring metalwork led her to the Art Students League in New York, where she forged a universe of light and art. From her financial career in Paris to her vibrant New York life, structural, sunlit forms and nature-inspired macabre creatures have been her steadfast companions.

Public recognition, especially for “Under Pressure,” fuels Christine’s determination to create inspired art and functional pieces. Her iconic NYC water tank collection decorates spaces while hiding cherished secrets. Her extensive portfolio spans sculpture, lighting, and furniture, bridging the gap between naturalist art and modern design.

Adhering to artisan traditions, Galvez excels in three main domains: sculpture, lighting, and furniture. To showcase her work and enhance accessibility, she established Metalight New York.