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Claude Stassart-Springer

Claude Stassart-Springer

Artworks By Claude Stassart-Springer

The earliest memory remaining vivid in my mind is from primary school; the joy I felt while diluting golden yellow gouache in a small white ceramic pot.

Around the age of 14, I began attending drawing and painting classes at an art academy every Thursday, which transformed my life. My choice was made.

Some key dates:

1961-1965 – Fine Arts School in Beaune, Dijon, Paris. 1966 – Resides in Vézelay, Burgundy, and has lived there continuously since.

From 1967 to 1994 – Works with large dry pastels on the theme of Birth and Death.

Since 1996 – Continues to draw with dry pastels and charcoal, focusing on landscapes inspired by walks around Vézelay and along the Cure River to the caves of Arcy.

Starting in 1994, concurrently with Jean-Marie Queneau, co-manages the Goulotte editions; a publishing house for linocut artist books, hand-printed in small numbers.