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Alexandra Roussopoulos

Alexandra Roussopoulos

Artworks By Alexandra Roussopoulos

Alexandra Roussopoulos was born in 1969 in Paris, of Swiss and Greek nationality. Through painting, she examines the mental and physical space in which she finds herself and raises questions about the relationships between forms, colours, and space. Her work has always emphasised the importance of connection to others. She regularly collaborates on artistic projects and has participated in numerous artist residencies in China, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, and Algeria.

She has been involved in the activities of the APDV art center, which places artistic action at the heart of low-income housing areas. She has organised and curated several exhibitions: “L’ Eau et les Rêves” at the Kamchatka gallery in 2007 in Paris, “Mauvais Genre” in 2009 in collaboration with Isabel Duperray at the Petit Maroc gallery in St-Nazaire, and “Young Memories” in 2015-2016, a series of nine exhibitions, at the Episodic Gallery in Paris.

Alexandra Roussopoulos exhibits in Switzerland (Museum of Art and History of Neuchâtel, Galerie Oblique in Saint-Maurice, Louis Moret Foundation in Martigny, Le Manoir in Martigny, Davel 14 in Cully, Villa Bernasconi in Grand-Lancy, Galerie LIGNE Treize in Geneva, La Ferme Asile in Sion, Jenisch Museum and LAC in Vevey), in France (LUMA Museum in Arles, “Art in the Chapels” in Pontivy, Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse in Marseille, Le Corbusier’s apartment/studio, Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery, Scrawitch/Julien Bézille gallery, and Stéphane Mortier gallery in Paris), in China (Pifo Gallery and Art Lelege Gallery in Beijing, Yard Art Gallery in Shanghai, and Xixi National Museum in Hangzhou), in New York (Zurcher Gallery), in London (The Baldwin Gallery), in Athens (Nitra Gallery and Project Gallery), and in Algiers (Les Ateliers Sauvages and the French Institute of Algiers).

She received the Visual Arts Prize from the René Liechti Foundation in Switzerland in 2010 and the November Painting Prize in Vitry in 2002.
She regularly conducts workshops in France and abroad (at the HEAR in Mulhouse and ESBA Le Mans, and in China at the Academy of Fine Arts of China and the University of Fine Arts in Hangzhou). She is the artistic director of the educational workshops at the Drawing Festival in Arles.
Alexandra Roussopoulos co-wrote, with Callisto Mc Nulty and Géronimo Roussopoulos, the film “Delphine et Carole, Insoumuses” released in 2019 (Grand Prix de Genève, official selection of the Berlinale Forum 2019, SFCC Television Award for Best Documentary, National Group of Research Cinemas Prize, FIFF Audience Award, Scam Star 2019).