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Volante IV (2018)

4.850,00  (VAT included)

Art Style: Acrylique sur écran serigraphique / Acrylic on screen printing
Dimensions: 77x140cm 30,3x 55,1in
Reference: AR001

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My painting often escapes the traditional canvas on stretcher bars to venture onto all kinds of surfaces: textile, ceramic, wall, wood, or glass… The “Flying” series was painted on old silkscreens that I hunted down. Trace, memory lies at the heart of my work. I never pre-draw a structure, but it emerges as the painting progresses in an unstable balance, it arises in the favor of a loss of reference, a leap into the void with points of support. My palette starts with primary colors which I then mix extensively to associate them with additional hues. How one color lives alongside another, modifies it, creates a balance or imbalance, that’s what interests me. I love the tension of these sharp lines, the perfect boundary that is created between two colors, and the contrast between the existing background that I have reworked and the form that stands out. A dialogue is created between the exterior and the interior, between the landscape and the abstract form, drawing a spatial and temporal journey, that of the flying carpet, a symbol of takeoff and travel.

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